Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Stand with Buhari? Really?

It hurts me when I still see Nigerians fighting over their allegiance to either GEJ or Buhari. Just recently, someone actually accused me of being pro-Jonathan because I pointed out the weakness of this present administration.

It is sad because to me....and in reality...the GEJ vs Buhari contest ended with the elections. This continued contest between the GEJ and Buhari camps -though only existing in little minds, serves the counter-productive purpose of suppressing objectivity and preventing us from demanding more from our so-called leaders.

I know that there are Nigerians today who would not see any good in Buhari's government just because they support GEJ. I also know that there are Nigerians who think GEJ would win if they castigate Buhari; so they are prepared to #StandWithBuhari even if he sets the podium ablaze. But what really is the contest? Buhari is now in charge and in Aso Rock while GEJ is in Otuoke.

I dislike it when I raise an issue about Buhari and someone says "at least he is better than GEJ"...What nonsense! Who made GEJ the yardstick for good governance? Just as I castigated GEJ when he failed to perform, so will I castigate Buhari.

I have asked a guy that ‪#‎StandsWithBuhari‬ why he does so and he said it was mainly because Buhari isn't corrupt. I then asked why he believes that Buhari isn't corrupt, and he said I should check the calibre of men that are in court for corruption-related cases. And I asked if that was all...he said it was more than enough considering what GEJ did.

Now, for some reality check:
If you cannot assume that your Pastor is free from sin because he preaches against it...
If you are wise enough to know that just because a whole street is running after a guy who stole a tuber of yam from Mama Nkechi does not mean that everyone on that street is a saint...
Then why do you believe that Buhari isn't corrupt because he is recovering stolen funds?

Again, I wouldn't be quick to praise a man as being straightforth just because he sees faults in another man's child. He may be a candidate for my praise if he is also quick to expose his own children... I don't need to explain this analogy, do I?

So before you stand with Buhari, take a look at the budget for the Presidency...
Does he stand with you?
Before you stand with Buhari, look at his policies and how he has communicated them to you...
Does he stand with you?
Before you stand with Buhari, check if you are doing so just because you want to stand against Jonathan. If this is the case, wake up, the elections ended over a year ago and the country is on fire.

So do I #StandWithBuhari? No, I don't, at least not yet...my support is earned, not given.

The Oracle has spoken!!

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