Monday, 17 June 2013

Kai! The Oracle Is Interested In The Female Backside!!

On a recent outing with the Chief Priest, I was surprised to see loads of bare boobs and front-and-back cleavages flying around everywhere... I also noticed young ladies putting on very tight pairs of rubber-like trousers which showed every tiny detail of their lower anatomy and served no other purpose than change the complexion of their limbs and butts.

Kai! Oracle you too see ooo

"If you gat it, flaunt it"...If you have a big breasts, which are meant for convenient breast feeding; chiputa ha! Display them to the public! If you were blessed with a big pad behind, which is meant for more comfortable long periods of the public.

But Oracle, these are what men like...

Chief Priest, shut up now lest I deal with you! 

I'm sorry, Great One...

How many of those semi-naked ladies would you proudly take home to your mother? How many would you bring to this Shrine? Most men lust for them and the word 'like' shouldn't be used. These ladies have decided that since men...most men... enjoy seeing boobs and bums, all their efforts should go into looking lewd; and what are the consequences? They are used and dumped once better specimens turn up...simple!

I have seen girls walk down streets with a maximum of two things in their minds..."I hope I'm shaking my back-side well enough and killing them" and/or "I hope these boobs of mine are bouncing well enough". This makes their gaits rather 'alienic'... even those who aren't endowed in such areas have I seen trying to shake their bums as they walk... sadly reminds me of a Rottweiler trying to wag a docked tail.  

I have listened to recent songs, especially by Nigerians and I didn't fail to realise that the predominant theme has been about the female back-side. I have heard songs with go-down-low, I have heard songs with shake-it; bounce-it; booty, bombom, ukwu, gobe....Tufiakwa!! And if one should berate the male folks for singing such songs, wait till you see how the female folks respond to the songs. Go on youtube and you will see homemade videos of ladies, in their bedrooms, sampling their backsides and breasts in the name of 'dancing' to songs about the female anatomy. Watch recent Nigerian music videos and you shall notice that the artistes and their producers are no longer interested in the faces of their female dancers...they only want to capture their backsides. Peradventure their faces are captured, it’s only because the boobs are wanted! And oh yeah! The ladies don’t mind as they shake away with glee.

Ukwu sara mbara, nwere nti! Shake-up your bombom! Omoge let that booty bounce! Rotate! Shake-ie Ukwu! Omo see gobe! All I want is your waist!

Maybe in years to come, as mothers/grandmothers, these ladies would boast to their children/grandchildren about having appeared on various music videos and probably show these videos to them...only for these kids to see pairs of backsides- that could have belonged to anybody- being shaken amorously.  Well, whether it disgusts these kids or not would depend on if the situation gets worse or does not before their time.

Great One, most young Nigerians rate music videos based on the number of girls on display; how ‘endowed’ these girls are and how amorously they twist and whine in front of the cameras. 

You have a point there, Chief Priest! That explains why a lot of people are of the opinion that Kcee’s video of the Limpopo track was boring…no truckload of ladies and not much whining and shaking. Ladies have become mere items used for ‘aesthetic’ and decorative purposes with the sole aim of luring ‘customers’ …and this is to detriment of their inner-persons as people are increasingly interested in their anatomy more than anything else. This is not only evident in the music industry… ‘endowed’ and naked ladies are used to sample and sell luxury cars; they are very ‘employable’ by banks as Marketers; they are the bedrock of the porn industries…and yes! Even Churches have started using them to draw members! 

This is a brief but important call to the ladies! Men would only see in you what you want them to and demand from you what you show that you have. If you cover-up your boobs and bums but show your intelligence and moral-strength; men would demand you advice and support. If you blatantly display your boobs and bums; you have automatically hidden the inner you and men would demand a piece of those physical assets of yours. 

Do you want to be the kind of girl Flavour would serenade with lines like "...any time I think about your waist, Oluchi, imana ife ina eme mu dikwa egwunu..."? Do you want  to be that girl who Iyanya would woo with "...your waist, your waist, all I want is your waist..."? Or would you prefer to be 'toasted' with 2face's line " are my African Queen..."? The choice is yours. 


 The Oracle Has Spoken!!


  1. I like the twist you brought to the article. I strongly believe in the adage "If you have it flaunt it" but pls ladies dont turn a private property into a public one in an attempt to flaunt it. There are better ways of flaunting it with class.... (My view)

    1. Ñice one Èddy...and thanks for the compliment bro!

  2. Excellent Article .. Well written .. Although you will agree me with that the sight of this wonders give us the extra push we need to get up and goto work everything :) ..

    1. Goto work everything...Wat time is it? §tealth it's too early to smoke iish...smh