Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Oracle Writes To Goodluck Jonathan

The Shrine
26th December 2011

Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan,
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

My dear Son,

An Open Letter Showing My Disappointment

On 16th of  April 2011, despite all odds, Nigerians voted you into power. Owing to the then purported cool disposition and level headedness you possessed, they (Nigerians) saw you as the needed break away from the past, where Olusegun Obasanjo ruled supreme to the point of being almost tyrannous. Nigerians sheepishly repeated your mantra, saying that 'We are Goodluck Jonathan'. They believed all your promises of a better Nigeria. To ensure that the election went on well as to produce you as President; Nigerians lost their lives, especially those from the Southern part of the country. They were all full of joy when you were announced President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and eventually sworn in. Most Nigerians declared 'Yeah! Goodluck is President, now good-luck has smiled on Nigeria'...Let me ask you my son, do you think you are really the source of  good-luck the average Nigerian has been waiting for? Let's find out.

 Months after being sworn in as President, you announced your intention to remove fuel subsidy which the average Nigerian has been enjoying even from years of military rule. This was surprising because one of your campaign points was that, as an acting President, you had ensured that every petrol station sells a litre of petrol to Nigerians at N65; you even went ahead to promise that you would maintain the status quo if not make it better. Now, the story has changed and you are defending your new stance with suggestions that Nigeria spends trillions of borrowed money on this subsidy; that the subsidy is being enjoyed, not by the average Nigerian, but by the oil tycoons in the country. You suggested that removing the fuel subsidy would free up funds which would come in handy for developmental projects round the nation.

In response to this, well meaning Nigerians and experts in the oil industry have taken critical looks into your proposition and opposed it. Professor Tam David West (a former Minister of Petroleum) even suggests that at N65 per litre, there is absolutely no subsidy of fuel; this view was supported by Dr. Izielen Agbon (a professional in the field of Petroleum Engineering) whose article on the real cost of petroleum shows certain indices which suggest that Nigerians are being hoodwinked into believing that they are enjoying some sort of subsidy of fuel at the price of N65. You have been urged to drop this idea for now if you do not want a heated polity but you seem adamant...well, he who the gods want to destroy, they first make mad. 

Some months ago, you cautioned government officials across all levels to be careful in all they do in order to avoid the chances of a revolution; but you have however turned out to be the number one culprit provoking a revolution. Everyone has questioned the wisdom in:

·         Removing fuel subsidy when refineries have not been put in order. There should be refineries that could, at least, produce the amount of fuel sufficient for use within the country.
·         Removing fuel subsidy when there is total reliance on petrol by the populace who use generators to produce power for the personal and commercial use.
·         Removing fuel subsidy in a period of huge unemployment, financial drought and abject poverty. How then would an average Nigerian, who finds things difficult at the moment, cope when the subsidy is gone?

That said, I wonder how 1 or 2 Trillion Naira (gotten from the subsidy removal in a year) would remarkably change Nigeria when hundreds of trillions of Naira (which were 'properly’ budgeted for and approved) have gone down the drain and remain unaccounted for due to corruption and the likes. As usual, the greedy bed fellows you have in the ilk of Governors have already started jostling for how the funds realised from the fuel subsidy removal will be shared...Kai! I weep for Nigeria! I weep for my people.

The 2012 budget goes a long way to prove the point that this fund would be wasted. It is appalling that on one hand, you preach the need for austerity measures today to ensure that our economy grows tomorrow, hence the reason the fuel subsidy must go; while on the other hand you:

·         Budget 1 billion Naira with which to feed yourselves in Aso Rock; this boils down to about 2.7 million naira a day on food (And you are being paid your salaries and allowances in full). Leaders of countries who are serious about being conservative in spending actually take pay cuts; ask David Cameron of United Kingdom how much he ‘should’ earn and how much he ‘is’ earning.
·         Budget over a billion Naira with which you would fuel your generators next year (a big shame on you, my son).
·         Budget another billion for healthcare to the Presidency.

These are surely great signs that you are observing the austerity measures you preach, are they not? While you live lavishly, Nigerians should writhe in pain and make sacrifices for the country. Probably, when more funds are freed up after fuel subsidy has been removed; you will spend 10 billion a year on feeding. My son, you are a glutton, a hypocrite, selfish and extremely insensitive to have brought up such a budget while still fighting for fuel subsidy removal which would greatly inconvenience your people; kudos!!

Mr. President, when you took up the job to lead Nigeria, you were equally made the Chief Security Officer and Commander of the Armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You swore to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians both from external and internal attacks. To make this work easy for you, you have at your disposal, trillions of Naira budgeted a year for security alone. Now, have you done well in this regard? NO! And you know it. You and your security chiefs have become so clueless in the face of constant threat and 'decimation' of your people by the Boko Haram Sect. 'We are on top of the situation' has long become a cliché that even you have become tired and ashamed of using. I was hoping that you would someday say 'We are in this situation'...maybe after you have narrowly escaped a Boko Haram bomb blast or a close associate has been hit; but this hasn’t happened yet.

Just as you are doing in the case of fuel subsidy removal; you have said something else that further shows how insensitive you are to the plight of Nigerians on this Boko Haram issue; you have suggested that Nigerians should learn to live with the threat until it fizzles. Wow! That coming from someone who walked the width and breadth of this country, campaigning and begging to be allowed to become the Chief Security Officer of the country! Coming from someone who demands and gets trillions of Naira a year with which to combat crime and provide security to Nigerians! Coming from someone to whom hapless Nigerians look up for help and freedom from the clutches of Boko Haram! A very big shame on you Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan!

Without mincing words, you have failed seriously as the President and as Chief Security Officer of this country, Nigeria. You have talked about the wisdom in avoiding actions that might provoke a revolution but you are the catalyst of such a revolution; you have preached austerity but you have indeed been extravagant; I doubt if this is the first of its kind, but you can see this letter as a vote of no confidence. You should be aware that an online poll was organized to pick who was the greatest source of disappointment to Nigerians between you (GEJ); the Police; PHCN and The Super Eagles for the year 2011; you came tops by a very great margin; and this was done more than a week before your ridiculous statement urging Nigerians to learn to live with the menace of Boko Haram. You have nothing more to offer, you are confused and clueless and the fact is that since you have lost the plot, you can only do one thing...waste our money; so, please Sir, kindly resign or go back to the drawing board and salvage your dwindled reputation.

Yes, though Nigerians once said ‘We are Goodluck Jonathan’, they now say ‘It sucks to be you right now, Goodluck Jonathan’.

Yours truly,

The Great Naija Oracle


Nnanyelugo Aham-Anyanwu (Ichie Nnanyelugo III)
(The Chief Priest)

The Oracle Has Spoken!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Who Is Killing Nigerians?

Gbagam! Gbagam! Gbagam!! It is another day at the shrine! The great Oracle! Here is kola, I pour libations unto you! Wise one, your people have come...they have come to seek your face and wisdom on the calamity that has befallen our land! They have a question for you, Great one! Your people ask: 'WHO IS KILLING NIGERIANS?' 

People are dying...every new day comes with it, news about someone's death! And the most painful part is...dem suspect say 'na people dey kill all these people'! Calamity! Oh Calamity!! The Great one; just yesterday Mazi Udeorji, a 120 year old man, died...his great grand children are accusing their next door neighbours of being responsible for his death! Look at Mama Azunna, the one residing in Lagos... she died of breast cancer...her children say it was sent to her from the village!! Look at Ike-bobo; exactly one month after his wedding ceremony; while on a night journey to Abuja he was killed by armed robbers...His family members said the bullet was ‘sent’ by jealous friends!!! Hey!! The Great Oracle! Are you there ehhhh?!! I no kwa ya ehhh?!!! Okay, look at Dede Ebenezer, He…


Oh great one! Speak! Your people are listening!

Kinsmen! Why is it that most of you point accusing fingers at friends and relations once a loved one dies? Is death no longer a natural phenomenon? Is it not that single destiny that all mortals share? The rich, the poor, the healthy, the sick, the religious, the heathen, the young, the old...everyone dies. So why do you often blame someone for another's death?

Again, Nigeria is a really tough place to live in, a lot of things happen in this country that could take one's life away in an instant. We have poor security of lives and properties; bad road network and poor road usage both of which can cause road mishaps and lead to death; poor healthcare delivery system; poor quality of life which is widespread...if you are observant, you would also notice the proliferation of mentally ill people on the streets; their condition may not be unrelated to the dire situation of the country.

Though no one should act God by suggesting the lifespan of another; the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that the life expectancy of the entire Nigerian population for the year 2011 is 47.56 years. The last time Nigeria had a similar figure was in 2003 when life expectancy was said to be about 47.9; it rose over the years and in 2009 was recorded at 50.9, but look where we are now. With these figures, if they are anything to go by, it becomes obvious that attaining the age of 55 as a resident in Nigeria is a luxury for which the concerned and his/her loved have to be thankful. As it is, once a child is born in Nigeria, he immediately has huge hurdles to jump in the race for survival. This baby, as he grows, is haunted by sever environmental pollution; poor medical and health service delivery; road mishaps; poverty; violent crime (Boko Haram et al); stress and frustration due to the inability of government, superiors, colleagues, friends and relations to meet his needs...this is to mention a few. With all these stalking and hitting him over the years, why would one be surprised that he does not make it up to 50 years of age?

Please, my Kinsmen, I am not saying that there are no mystical and evil forces in our society nor am I saying that people do not intentionally kill people. All I want you to understand is that we live in a country and in a time where people die early for reasons afore mentioned and even more. Do not breed enmity by pointing accusing fingers at colleagues, friends or relations at the demise of a loved one. If you suspect foul-play and you feel strongly about it, take legal actions if you can; where it is not feasible, leave it for God Almighty to judge (Yes, I know Him) no go seeking vengeance.  

Life is too short, enjoy it while it lasts...but as a Kinsman, you are blessed with long life and prosperity no matter what the life expectancy in Nigeria or your country of residence is.

Can somebody shout Iseee!!? You can shout ‘Amen!!’ if you wish.

The Oracle Has Spoken!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The 2011 National Honours: Matters Arising

Gbagaun! Gbagaun!! Gbagaun!! The Great 9ja's Oracle!! I was beginning to think you had deserted your people! Why have you woken me at such an hour when spirits are in Ekeukwu Owerri? Speak Oracle! Your servant and Mouth Piece is listening!!

Every year, via the Nigerian National Honors, 'deserving' Nigerians are granted recognition for supposedly having 'rendered services to the benefit of the nation'. These honors include, in descending order of importance:
  • Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (GCFR)
  • Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (GCON)
  • Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (CFR)
  • Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON)
  • Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR)
  • Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON)
  • Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR)
  • Member of the Order of the Niger (MON)

Over the years, it has become norm to automatically confer top honors (GCFR, GCON, CFR and CON) to equally top national office holders like presidents; vice presidents; Senate presidents; Speakers, House of Representatives; Chief Justices; etc. This set of people does not need to be of exceptional behaviour or to contribute significantly to the benefit of the nation; most of them are even known to have done great disservice to the nation via looting of public funds and blatant abuse of office. We have them in their numbers: Atiku Abubakar, GCON; Dimeji Bankole, CFR; Bode George, CON; Tafa Balogun, CFR; Senator Adolphus Wabara, GCON; etc. One may argue that, prior to their receiving these honors, they were honorable. Although this might be true, the fact still remains that they never did anything exceptional that was of benefit to the nation; so why were they honored in the first place?

Looking down the lower cadre of the National Honors, one cannot help but notice that; of late; it belongs to Nollywood Stars. Though this brings the award closer to the masses; truth be told; there is no reason why one should receive a national award for plying his trade and making money from it; there are loads of Nigerians doing that, the only difference now is that they are not on screens and are not stars. There are, however, world class stars from Nigeria who should inarguably be honored for presenting the country in the limelight with their talents.

The National Honors; asides being an avenue to give accolades to those who deserve them; should also serve as a source of motivation for every Nigerian. It should reek of meritocracy other than favoritism. It should cut across all social classes so that even a pauper, who had done something worth applauding, receives an award a la the United Kingdom Honors system. For now, the honors go to the rich and famous of society, and equally sends out the wrong message to the average Nigerian.

Now great Oracle, what can you say about Aliko Dangote being the first non-politician and non-government office holder to be conferred the GCON honors? Most Nigerians believe that he does not merit the honors and might have paid for it somehow as he is Africa's richest man...

Nigerians are so used to things being wrongly done that the right things appear strange...look at it this way: an average Nigerian should, by right, enjoy steady power supply, but he does not. He can go days or weeks without power supply and he may only complain in grunts because he is used to it. Let’s assume now that PHCN makes power available for 3 straight days, this Nigerian would get suspicious. He would wonder if it was that time of the month when PHCN comes for bills; if PHCN were trying to pre-compensate for a planned 3 year power outage or, worse still, if the world was coming to an end.

The GCON, being the next highest National Honors after the GCFR, has in the past gone to Vice Presidents, Senate Presidents and Chief Justices of Nigeria. Most of the past recipients had and still have little or nothing to offer Nigeria, yet they hold the second highest National Honors. This has been the norm since 1963 and this year, something different happened; Aliko Dangote was given that very honors (GCON)...and as expected, Nigerians have grown suspicious!

I would not go into judging Aliko Dangote to ascertain whether he deserves the honors or not, but the truth remains that he has contributed more to Nigeria than previous recipients who were honored just because they held or hold certain positions in government. We can also not refute the fact that he, more than any other Nigerian entrepreneur, has benefited from the government or that there are better suited Nigerians for such recognition.

For now, the National Honors are still mainly for politicians, government officials, the rich and famous of society. Honoring Dangote was, however, a clean break from the norm and I look forward to a National Honors which is devoid of class and which would honor those Nigerians who really deserve to be honored. If we had such sincere National Honors, those National Youth Service corps members; who risked their lives to see that the 2011 general elections went ahead even after their colleagues have been senselessly murdered; would have received top honors; the dead would also have been honored posthumously. As it presently is; there is  little or nothing honourable about the individuals holding the Nigerian National Honors.

The Oracle Has Spoken!!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Let Us Fight The Wolf In Abia State's Government House

The Chief Priest, at the directive of the Great 9ja's Oracle, has decided to do more than  'just talk' on the sack of non-indigenes by the Abia State Government (Please refer to 'The vision about a Wolf leading a herd of Elephants' for details on this issue)

The Chief Priest is writing letters to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC); The National Assembly and the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation. 

As kinsmen, the Chief Priest is inviting YOU to air your views as to why the Abia State Government must rescind the sack; if you also think it was a wise decision on their part, give reasons. Your opinions would go a long way to ensuring that the letters contain valid points.

Let your friends know! Drop a comment! Let's help the Oracle help Nigerians!

The Oracle Has Spoken!!

Monday, 10 October 2011

The Vision About A Wolf Leading A Herd Of Elephants

If this isn't a vision; then I wonder what is! It happened suddenly just as I was eating my Eba and Egusi soup...I felt a gentle breeze hit my entire being...and in some form of levitation; I left my house with a ball of Eba still in my palm! Kai! The travails of being a Chief Priest...I just hope this doesn't happen on a lovely night with my wife.
In about 5 minutes I was soaring, without wings, held by an invisible hand, above a large expanse of land filled with different groups of animals; each group with its own ilk; everything seemed at peace.
Suddenly there was commotion...On looking closely; I discovered that a herd of elephants were at the heart of the unrest. I became interested in finding out the root cause of it all. It was then I noticed that the 'outgoing' leader of the herd wanted to crown a 'Wolf' his successor against the will and culture of the elephants. There was a lot of agitation, and this drew the attention of other animal groups to the herd of elephants...eventually though, the Wolf was crowned new leader of the elephants. Surprising!
Peace seemed to return after a while; but it wasn't long before the Wolf took the war to the former herd leader...this caused further problems and I saw a pack of wolves joining forces to assist their brother-Wolf who leads the elephants...The Wolf succeeded in shutting up the ex herd leader.
Almost immediately, the Wolf started showing his gross incompetence in handling the affairs of the elephants...while the elephants wanted and craved greener grazing pastures; the Wolf was busy looking for carcasses and hunting down weaker animals. It was an obvious mismatch doomed from the onset but the Wolf was not bothered because he was aware of the unflinching support his main family (the Pack of wolves) had for him. Due to the fact that the Wolf was not leading the herd of elephants to desired grazing spots; some died of hunger, others left the herd; those that remained were praying hard and hoping that the Wolf gets kicked-out when his first ruling window comes to an end. Alas it came! The herd of elephants was quite determined to ensure that the Wolf never returned as their leader...they were sure the Wolf's time as leader of the herd was over. But the Wolf had other plans; he beckoned on his fellow wolves and they came; rallied behind him; caused a lot of confusion in the herd and like magic! The Wolf was returned as leader. The herd of elephants and their friends knew they had flunked but they couldn’t complain because they were to blame-they allowed the pack of wolves to infiltrate and confuse them...they can only wait this one out.
The Wolf, even after having been in charge of the elephants for a while, still had no clue on how to better the lots of his subjects. His gross incompetence even surprised other wolves but due to ‘esprit de corps’, they still rallied behind him whenever he needed their help.
As all these happened, I gradually got annoyed and really wanted to stone the Wolf to death...but the hands holding me up in the skies wouldn't let me get I kept folding by ball of Eba...waiting for an opportunity to pelt him with it!
As if the Wolf hadn’t done enough, he announced that all the animals from other groups, who graze in the elephants’ domain, would be driven off! This caused serious commotion across the animal kingdom because the elephants also graze outside their own domain. The elephants were obviously ashamed that with their huge size and undisputed might, a lowly Wolf has put them through pains and distress. They voiced their disapproval of the Wolf's decision...but unlike before; they lacked strength and vigor; probably because the Wolf had beaten them severally in the past; there was no use fighting again.
Other groups of animals were making the loudest noise...they threatened the Wolf that should their type be stopped from grazing in the elephants’ domain; the elephants would be stopped from grazing in their own domain...but what does the Wolf care? He does not graze...he is a scavenger and a predator. At this point I was shaking with red hot anger that I threw my ball of Eba at the Wolf and I heard a loud thud...then I saw myself back in my room, with my ball of Eba sticking to the wall before me! Vision over!
I then began to wonder...what was this all about? Why has the Great 9ja's oracle decided to show me such an annoying thing? What have I to do with animals? Why do the antics of this Wolf remind me of a certain Theodore Ahamefule Orji? Just then the Oracle spoke...

  • Yes! The herd of elephants represents a state in Nigeria and the Wolf an incompetent leader.
  • The incompetent leader, though hated by the masses, have succeeded in sticking to power with the   help of a pack of wolves...this Pack of wolves represent a political party made up of incompetent and wicked beings.
  • The incompetent leader has recently decided to stop other animals from grazing in the elephants' domain...this means that there is a plan to sack non-indigenes of the state from the civil/public service sector.
  • If this happens, there would be a ripple effect of it on the animal kingdom which represents the country called Nigeria.

       The Questions

       Ask the Wolf why he came up with such an appalling idea; is it:
  • Another sign of the obvious incompetence and lack of direction which have riddled his tenure from the word go? If he says yes; tell him that the animal kingdom already knows how incompetent he is and does not need another sign.
  • That he is competing with the FG and GEJ with regards to who has the more absurd idea? If he says yes; tell him that he is, most definitely, the winner.
  • Want of cheap publicity? If he says yes; tell him that he is already notorious and that this latest saga would not fetch him as much publicity as the furore surrounding his becoming leader of the herd of was even said he visited a shrine other than my own shrine.
  • Sheer wickedness and insensitivity to the feelings of the animals that would be affected by this plan of his? If he says yes; tell him that his clinging on to power even when he knows that the elephants are dying of want is an act of wickedness enough.
  • All of the above? If he says yes...Wahala dey o!
        The Oracle's Verdict (Calling A Spade A Spade)

  • Since majority of non-indigenes working in Abia state are Igbos; sacking them might trigger the sacking of Abians in Imo, Enugu, Anambra and Ebonyi states.
  • This plan would definitely have a devastating impact on the already weakened unity existing amongst Igbos.
  • This could also make Igbos victims of such sacks in other tribes...and they would be helpless, after all, the idea and its execution originated from the Igbo tribe.
  • It is unconstitutional and negates true is a dent to national unity.

          The Advice 

  • The Wolf appears extremely unreasonable and stubborn; do not waste your time trying to make him see reasons.
  •  The affected persons should seek legal redress...if not for anything; let the court put a stay on the sack or ‘back-load’ until it is proven to be constitutionally right.

The Oracle Has Spoken!!

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Oracle Vs FG On The Proposed Removal of Fuel Subsidy

I am just a local Chief Priest and I may not understand the economic indices that point towards the purported annual savings of 1.2 Trillion Naira once fuel subsidy has been scrapped by the federal Government, but, I am aware of the untold hardship the common man shall pass through...I don't even need a vision from the 9ja's great Oracle to tell this!
Nonetheless; as duty demands and in the spirit of 'due process'; I consulted the great Oracle and these are his words:
  • Yes! According to economic indices; The actual fuel pump price is N144.70 but the official pump price is N65 . This means that the Federal Government pays N79.70 for every litre of fuel consumed in Nigeria. Since about 32 million litres of fuel are consumed daily in Nigeria; it means that to subsidize fuel; the FG pays N2.6 Billion everyday; N18.2 billion everyday; N72.8 billion every month and N873.6 Billion every year. 
  • If the fuel subsidy is scrapped, the FG can make a yearly saving of N1.2 trillion; which, according to them, would be partly used to develop poor segments of society and cushion the effects of the subsidy removal.
  • Again; since there is no way of telling the actual amount of petrol sold by petroleum dealers and due to an average Nigerian's affinity for cheating; all a petroleum dealer needs to do is come up with a doctored figure of sold petrol and claim pay for subsidy from the FG. FG believes that she has been wasting huge sums on subsidy payments for fuel that was never sold within Nigeria in the first place.
  • FG also argues that the removal of fuel subsidy would, at the medium to long term, increase infrastructural development and investments around the country.
  • Removing the fuel subsidy, according to the FG, is a call for sacrifice by the common man for a better Nigeria of tomorrow. Haba! Great it like 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask instead what you can do for your country'?

Shhhhhhh! The Oracle is still speaking!!!

On paper, as is usual, removing the fuel subsidy would be of benefit to the Nigerian economy...mark my words, ’ ON PAPER’. What then would be the reality if fuel subsidy is removed?
  •  The Common man, who provides his own electrical energy both for personal and commercial use; would have to pay more than twice what he is presently doing for fuel. This would increase the cost of goods and services with income remaining virtually the same and unemployment rate still high. It could actually result to loss of jobs and closure of businesses, especially the SMEs who cannot afford the new price of fuel.
  • Cost of transportation would sour since government plays little or no role in the transportation industry.This would affect the cost of goods which need transportation from one region to the other, especially food stuff.
  • The savings accrued from the removal of fuel subsidy would disappear, as usual, into some sort of abyss where government officials and their cronies greedily feast on the resources of an entire nation. Nigerians are used to hearing of huge amount of monies realized by government and/or recovered from looters; but where these monies end up, no one knows. It would be the same case if fuel subsidy is removed and the government gets to ‘save’ N1.2 trillion.
 The Oracle's verdict

  • The President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, would, by removing the fuel subsidy, show that his government is not for the common man, but for the elite. How else can one explain his decision to remove subsidy for a commodity which the common man needs for everyday living while nothing is done about the National Assembly members who, though constituting less than 1 percent of Nigeria’s population (about 0.0003% considering there are 469 members of the National Assembly and about 155 million Nigerians), consume more than 25% of the government's revenue spending per year? Totally insane! TransparencyNG suggests that over a given tenure; Lawmakers collectively rake a whooping sum of N385.80 billion in salaries and benefits; an amount that can comfortably add 2,572 megawatts to the current national capacity or construct up to 4 new refineries and still be enough to rehabilitate the existing ones. Amidst all these glaring facts; there are no proposals to cut down on the obvious wastage of resources in the NASS. They (NASS) even stand to gain more if FG has more money at her disposal should fuel subsidy be removed. 
  •  Recently, the President announced on his Facebook page that Nigeria is now ranked 2nd amongst the OPEC nations yet he has made a proposal which would see Nigerians pay so much to purchase this commodity they have in abundance; possibly more than what citizens from any of the top-ten OPEC member states pay for fuel.
  • Jonathan is toeing the path of former Nigerian Presidents who failed to fix existing refineries and fuel deports not to talk of building new ones. If these were done; it would not only have brought about a significant drop in fuel price, but would also have eased unemployment.
  • While removing the fuel subsidy would definitely bring pains to the common man; it holds a promise which usually the Government never keeps. It therefore seems dubious to the common man, and rightly so as there is widespread opinion that if there is anyone or any group of persons to benefit from removing the fuel subsidy; it should be government officials and their cronies.
  • Another interesting thing to note is that though a lot of well meaning Nigerians both in the private and public sectors have kicked against the removal of fuel subsidy; the 36 State Governors are clamoring for it. It is this same group of Governors that kicked against the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) which was proposed to ensure that part of the national oil revenue is saved for future use. All they (Governors) want are policies that would make billions of Naira available to them.
  •  It is not the amount of money spent on fuel subsidy that is holding the country down; it is the greed of government officials who have over the years failed to utilize the nation’s wealth for the good of the people.That same greed would make them squander whatever monies saved up if fuel subsidy is removed.
  •  Presently, the average Nigerian generates his own electricity for personal and commercial uses; pays 120% for healthcare delivery and education; fixes his own access roads; provides his own water resources; provides security for himself, etc...removing this subsidy would ultimately mean that a government which was previously doing little to directly better the lots of the common man; has blatantly made it worse.

The Advice
  • A good leader is one who is exemplary. Savings can be made by cutting down on the cost of governance which is presently over the roof instead of targeting the poor masses. If the FG starts from reducing the cost of governance, the citizenry would not find it all too daunting to make certain sacrifices if need be.
  • There must be some sort of subsidy for fuel… therefore, FG should not be talking about entirely removing the subsidy but there could be some reduction. Even a reduction SHOULD BE REJECTED by the citizenry unless there is equally a reduction in the cost of governance.
  •  If the subsidy must be totally removed...FG should fix our refineries and build more; construct more fuel deports across the country; make power accessible all through Nigeria; fix the dilapidated transportation industry and provide jobs...anything short from this, amounts to putting the cart before the horse and is either sheer WICKEDNESS or FOLLY.

The Oracle Has Spoken!!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Oracle Has Landed...And He is Angry...

I am Ichie Nnanyelugo, the Chief Priest of 9ja's Oracle and my job has always been to tell the truth in any situation, no matter whose ox is gored.
As the Chief Priest... I would ensure that the King (President), King's Cabinet Members (Government Officials) and King-makers (The Citizenry) stay directed.
I am only a messenger of 9ja's Oracle and all I say are according to his directives... so please don't hate the messenger.
Though an angry oracle, 9ja's  Oracle is open to debates and would not lay a curse on anyone who dares to challenge his views.
Please remove your shoes (biases) as you enter this shrine...You are on a holy ground.
The Oracle Has Spoken!!