Monday, 1 October 2012

Nigeria At 52: The Oracle Does A Poem

My Love is accused of being barren and ugly...
They say she is beastly, dirty and raggedly. 
Please don't blame her... blame them that have treated her so badly...

They promise heaven on earth but all they give her are so deadly.

She brings forth milk and honey but is repaid with greed, wickedness and deceit placed highly.
Yes! My Love is well endowed and full of potentials but she looks quite ravaged...sadly.
In the midst of plenty, she lives so poorly.
If only my Love could take control of her destiny, I bet she would look so godly.
But alas, my Love wholly depends on crafty, selfish men and does she complain? Hardly!

Everyday, my Love weeps and she starts so early.

I look all over her body...oh! She is so sorely.
It breaks my heart to see my Love in such agony 
But what can I do? Something so barely.

Who is my Love? Who is she that I am in love with so madly?

She is Nigeria! She is 52 today and yeah, she would grow daily.
Can't wait for the day when she would be all smiles and amongst peers stand boldly.
...For that day when everyone would adore and treat her ever so gently.
But for now, I would daily patch her sore wounds because I love her so dearly.
And I pray you do so too because she needs you so badly...

Happy 52nd Independence Day Anniversary NIGERIA!!

The Oracle Has Spoken!!


  1. To a Wife who has been married to three different men at the same time,
    To a mother who has been forced to take care of her Children even in hard times,
    To a daughter who was born out of a struggle by Foreigners unaware of her internal struggles,
    To a sister who is surrounded by other sisters who seem to be moving faster than her,
    To a woman whose affairs have been handed over to men who seem clueless and not strong enough to satisfy her utmost desire,
    To a lady, whose ladyship has been destroyed by men who were supposed to be gentlemen,
    TO a Virgin so endowed and so blessed that she caught the eyes of the colonial masters,
    To a naive little girl, whose innocence was bruised by soldiers and civilians alike,
    To my country whom i love so much even though it seem like i don't believe in her anymore.
    To my fatherland in whom i have hopes to restore her glory lost or missing,
    To my motherland whom i expect to draw milk and honey from
    To my future abode in whom i expect to contribute my little quota no matter how small,
    To my beloved and blessed Land NIGERIA. May God bless you and keep you together, give you the husband that you deserve to bring out the beauty inside of you, To handle you well and make you feel like the woman you are supposed to be, to give you that glory which seems lost or taken away to your sisters. You my dear are like a lady born in 1914 and given out in marriage in 1960 to the most confused young men on earth. I LOVE YOU.

    1. Very nice one, able Shriner! Maybe someday, the Oracle might speak through you...Thanks for staying loyal to the Shrine